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Sunday, April 25, 2004

Be Not So Humble

Click here to read NYTimes Public Editor Daniel Okrent go off on those who call his employer the "paper of record."

If you rely on The Times as your only source of news, you are buying into the conceptions, attitudes and interests of the people who put it out every day. It cannot be definitive, and asking it to be is a disservice to both the staff and the readers. I mean no disrespect to The Times, but what discriminating citizen can really afford to rely on only one source of news? And can't all discriminating readers contextualize what their newspapers (or television stations or radio hosts or Web logs) tell them?

It's not everybody you see an editor arguing that people should be rely on other news sources. It's the truth, tho.

Okrent has a blog of his own. It's right here.