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Sunday, April 18, 2004

Kevin Shields, what a tease.

Well, fanboy over here was all juiced to go out and buy MBV's Remastered EPs this Tuesday when (nearly a month after it was announced) he finally found out that Kevin Shields pushed back the release date. Honestly, it's no surprise. This is Kevin we're talking about. I can't find an American release date anywhere. is listing May 3rd. Apparently the Japanese import is already floating around, but fuck if I'm going to pay for that. I've waited this long for my shoefix, another month or two ain't gonna kill me.

If you're looking for the whole backstory on MBV and some insight into where Kevin is right now, I'd suggest you read this extended interview piece that ran in HotPress.

Here are some interesting bits:

On scoring Lost in Translation:

"This was a pretty unusual experience," he admits. "They gave me the script before they shot the film, they were kind of as inclusive as possible, which is great. The whole idea was that the music was driving the film. even before it was shot Brian had made all these CDs for Sofia; she was making a movie based on what she was listening to even when she was writing it."

On Ecstasy:

"I don't like that drug, it seems to... I felt robbed somehow, afterwards, like it took something away in a way worse than any other thing apart from heroin. I'd die if I took heroin, I never will. I dunno, (with Ecstasy) I think the evidence is there: there's very, very few albums that I've got from the late '80s/early '90s that are great albums, only about five albums that are really, really good. Chemical Brothers, the Aphex Twin... I think it's because drugs like that kind of robbed people and brought on a lot of depression. It started off as kind of psychedelic and people thinking it would change the world, and it became corporate, all very controlled."

There are also supposed to be two box sets and a DVD in the works. Right now they're saying 2005 or 2006, but we'll probably be waiting till "here knows when." (Har Har)

Now, do yourself a favor and download the music videos for "Only Shallow" (37.1 megs) and "Soon" (32.8 megs).