Pale Wire (Popscene)

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Liquid Swords

Vol. 1 = Fast-paced overstylized Hong Kong Gorefest
Vol. 2 = Deliberate overstylized American Western

I dug. The rumor floating around is that a director's cut combining the Japanese release of Vol. 1 and a reworked Vol. 2 will be hitting art house theaters later this year.

My friend Tony linked me to this great review by's Charles Taylor. I agree with Tony when he says that he enjoys all the things that Taylor dislikes about the film. I agree with Taylor's premises but not his conclusions.

Though, more than anything, I think that the sheer joy for filmmaking present in every frame of the two films is what appeals to me most. It's overflowing with enthusiasm.

P.S. David Carradine is great. I wonder if Vol. 2's rising tide of popularity will swell high enough to get Kung Fu rereleased on DVD.