Pale Wire (Popscene)

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Music Downloads

-Here you can listen to a free and legal stream of Wilco's forthcoming album, A Ghost is Born, which is set to be released by Nonesuch records on June 22. The release was recently pushed back two weeks because Tweedy checked into rehab for a painkiller addiction. If they miss Coachella because of this I'm gonna be pisst.

-Matador Records is giving away mp3s of two new Mission of Burma songs, Dirt and Wounded World. After years and years of inactivity, Burma is due back with a new album, OnOffOn, on 05.04.04

-If you go to this guy's blog, you can download the new Soulwax single "This is the Excuse." James Murphy from The DFA and LCD Soundsystem is supposed to be in there.

-If you follow this link you can download three tracks from Sonic Youth's forthcoming LP, Nurse, which is due to hit stores in June 2004. According to the whole thing is out there on the web somewhere. If you go to SY's official website you can still stream the entirity of their most recent album Murray Street free and legal.