Pale Wire (Popscene)

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Conspicuous Consumption

In a stroke of blind luck, I found $15American laying on Schubert Ave. this morning on my daily walk to work. Tonight I used it to treat myself to dinner at The Red Lion Pub across from the Biograph Theater over at the intersection of Lincoln, Halsted and Fullerton. I ordered Shepherd's Pie, which is a crock of ground beef and vegetables baked with mashed potatoes on top, and a salad with blue cheese dressing. With my meal I drank two pints of draught beer, one Bass Ale and one Boddington's.

Thanks to the thunder storm battering our neighborhood I was in no hurry to leave and found the time to complete a story by Anton Chekov entitled "The Name-Day Party" that is every bit as gloomy as it is lengthy and eavesdrop on the fascinating conversation of three yuppie Chads mulling over--no joke--their impending foray into the pornography trade. After about two hours I wrapped everything up when the storm relented. The walk home was a dry one and the meal settled very well. The End.

Now, what did you have for dinner? Please leave as evocative a description as you can muster in the comments section.

Thank you, that is all.