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Friday, May 21, 2004

A Rockist's Plea

In today's NYTimes Nick Hornby has an editorial bemoaning the current state of rock music. It will require registration to get at but, c'mon, it's the NYTimes.

In truth, I don't care whether the music sounds new or old: I just want it to have ambition and exuberance, a lack of self-consciousness, a recognition of the redemptive power of noise, an acknowledgment that emotional intelligence is sometimes best articulated through a great chord change, rather than a furrowed brow.

Mr. Hornby needs to realize that there is plenty of exciting, fun music out there. Wake up and smell the crunk, bud. It's confounding how willing he is complain about popular music without even listening to it. If he'd just try he'd find all the qualities he's listed out there right now. Dude says he don't care what it sounds like as long as it's good but I don't believe him. He wants guitar, bass and drums. He wants Bruce and Mick. He wants to live in the past. Or, worse, he wants to want, and never to find.

Thankfully, the kids don't have that sort of baggage.

Isn't it clear to everyone that Hornby's emperor has no clothes? The rock music of 1974 might be dead (It oughta be!) but the pop scene of 2004 is bursting with life. If Mr. Hornby would take his rockist blinders off and drop all his baggage about electronic pop he'd realized that there is ton of exciting fun music out there waiting to be heard.

Somebody needs send this sad man a copy of Kish Kash.