Pale Wire (Popscene)

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

The Pulse of the Heartland has a great book review/interview up with Tom Franks, author of What's The Matter with Kansas: How Conservatives Won The Heart of America and former editor of the Chicago based magazine The Baffler.

The book, which sounds great to me, is an examination of how the Republican Party has been able to gain the loyalty of the Midwest's working class despite the fact that the GOP's economic policies do absolutely nothing to help these people.

Worsening economic conditions on the Midwestern plains have only driven voters further to the right, into grass-roots antiabortion activism, campaigns against the teaching of evolution, obsessions with cultural indecency and other largely symbolic crusades. The result has been an entire region of the country dominated by an energized, rejuvenated Republican Party that represents the material interests of the powerful and the cultural obsessions of the powerless, that thumps the Bible with one hand and shreds the tax code with the other.

Click here to read it. And, per usual, if anybody wants to buy me the book it would be much appreciated.