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Sunday, July 11, 2004

Get Tuffy

The Tribunes' Sunday Sports Section has a great feature on former Cub and current Japanese Central League slugger Tuffy Rhodes.

In eight years with the Buffaloes--before moving to the Giants this season as a free agent--Rhodes, 35, became one of Japan's all-time great sluggers after a six-year career in Major League Baseball as a marginal player with the Astros, Cubs and Red Sox.

He has the most career home runs of any foreigner, 316. This year the center fielder has been named to the Central League All-Star team and was hitting .300 with 28 homers and 59 RBIs through Thursday.

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The most interesting part to me is how prejudice against foreigners prevented him breaking the single season home run record. It's heartening to see Tuffy rise above all the bullshit.

Rhodes responded this way: "If he wants the record, he can have it. Records don't make the man; the man makes the record."

Puts a whole new prospective on the Barry Bonds/BALCO/755 debate doesn't it?