Pale Wire (Popscene)

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

A Vivrant Thing

Handsome Boy Modeling School f. Cat Power - "I've Been Thinking"
I'm lukewarm on the new Handsome Boy album. Same as last time, it's nothing that ought to be taken too seriously. Once again Prince Paul and Dan The Automater are fucking around with whatever friends/celebs they can drag into the studio. Del, Pharrell, Mike Patton, The Dude from Linkin Park (!) Jack Johnson (!!), John Oates (!!!) and all the usual suspects make apperances. Sometimes it shines (A brilliant skit with Jay-Z and Wu-tang piss takers) and sometimes it flops (most of the hip hop tracks).

It's the soulful stuff on the record that's worth seeking out. On "I'm Thinking About," indie queen Cat Power finally starts speaking my language. Ripping off a downbeat, soulful jam in the same vein as that Girl Called Eddy CD that's been ruling my world, she shows a talent for blue-eyed soul (read: black singing) that I wouldn't have expected.