Pale Wire (Popscene)

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Alright, enough of this whiny livejournal crap. I managed to finish two final papers and write up through the results section of my research paper (read: fake thesis) today. I've decided to reward myself by calling it quits early and spending the evening with the New Yorker.

David Remnick manages to squeeze the following words in the first page of his profile on British PM Tony Blair. Hell yes.

Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English propinquite, from Latin propinquitat-, propinquitas kinship, proximity, from propinquus near, akin, from prope near -- more at APPROACH
1 : nearness of blood : KINSHIP
2 : nearness in place or time : PROXIMITY

Usage: foreign term
Etymology: French
: spuriously or affectedly childlike : artfully simple

Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French oleagineux, from Latin oleagineus of an olive tree, from olea olive tree, from Greek elaia
1 : resembling or having the properties of oil : OILY; also : containing or producing oil
2 : marked by an offensively ingratiating manner or quality