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Monday, February 20, 2006

Meet The Arts

I'm looking forward to seeing Art Brut at the Black Cat in April. Unlike most of the supposed "new rock revolution," they don't suck. In fact, they rock.

Here, have a listen:

Art Brut - "Formed A Band"
[Schuba's Tavern, Chicago, November 15, 2005]

Taking nod-and-wink knowingness to new levels of absurdity, this song, the band's debut single, is at once the freshest and the silliest rock song I've heard in the last year. It's an easy concept to summarize: "We are Art Brut. This is our first song. In it we will sing about forming the band. We will also touch on our goals for the group, which include 'talking to the kids,' hitting Top of the Pops and bringing peace to Israel and Palestine."

It's rowdy, repetitive, spastic. Plus, like most of the band's music, it requires a healthy patience for talkie parts. But it's also a hell of a lot of fun. And even if you don't like the song all that much, don't fret, because your obliging entertainers have included snippets of AC/DC, REM, The Modern Lovers and some charming banter in an inspired four minutes and nine seconds.

For something a little more polished, though not by much, check out the music video shot for their subsequent single "Emily Kane" or the studio recording of my favorite Art Brut song, "Good Weekend."

Their album, Bang Bang Rock and Roll, isn't out yet in America, but you can always buy it from A full recording of the Schuba's performance is available for purchase at emusic.