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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Militant Meteorology
Hummer versus Nature

The snow storm that swept across the Northeast this weekend provided my first opportunity to personally witness the latest in local news technology: The Storm Chaser.

NYC's News 10 Now describes their new toy as a Hummer H2 converted into into "a state of the art, portable weather tracking system" equipped with "a computer, weather gathering instruments, and a portable weather studio." Not only can it defeat any storm, but the Storm Chaser is also prepared to dispatch the competition.

The StormChaser is the area’s first and only portable weather tracking system…and it’s one that can scale a 20 inch vertical wall, ascend a 60 degree incline, and has a wheel base of more than 120 inches!

If you're looking for a real kick, visit Channel 10's Web page and watch the promo video boast of taking weather coverage "one step further."

The one I saw was parked outside IHOP while the crew solicited opinions on snow.

As you might expect, some people think the money could be better spent.

If, like me, you're in the mood to scoff at local news, take a look at this screenshot I nabbed from Cleveland's WEWS homepage a few months back. I swear it's real.