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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday in the City
Watch as Ben boldly splits infinitives by this Borg-like structure1

Here I am, blogging live from the Starbucks on the corner of Lafayette and Astor in the self-proclaimed navel of the universe, New York City. It's 8:01 a.m, the 6 train just let out, and a crowd of weary-eyed New Yorkers are fielding their way through trash littered around the square, which is really more of a triangle. In its center is the 2,500 pound cube sculpted by Bernard Rosenthal and installed in 19672. You can see it pictured above. (You can also see an inspired and painstakingly documented prank involving the cube by clicking here.)

Anyway, I'm in New York. That's about all I have to share. I haven't gotten around to installing a nifty post tagging system like some other blogs have, but if I did I bet most of what I splurt out here could probably be categorized as either Books I've Read or Music I've Liked. So we're breaking fresh ground.

It's too bad it's raining, because I planned on walking through most of Midtown, the West Village, across Central Park and bathing in the lights surrounding Times Square before catching the train home to Washington from Penn Station. But such is the stratosphere, and so it's going. Maybe I'll make it back sometime.

1For more information on the grave threat posed by the Borg cube armada, click here.
2Source: New York Magazine (Although the mag and the pranksters at All Too Flat sport differing opinions on the cube's height. The mag says it's 15 feet tall. The nerds, who claim to have harnessed the mysterious forces of trigonometry, say it's closer to 12. My money's on nerd magic.