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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

If there was a Pulitzer Prize for patience
I'd nominate you, my friends.

Sorry I've been so inactive this past month. There's no good excuse. I've been busy with things even I'm not stupid enough to blog about and simply have not made the time.

As a peace offering, here's a blooper I just captured from I think we're all continually crestfallen by the milquetoast headlines the Webdesk churns out for the paper's online offerings1, but this is an entirely different thing.

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I can't say which story I want to read less.

1I'm unable find it just now, but I swear I read a story the other day that profiled news sites dumbing down their headlines in hopes of attracting greater attention from search engines, which send spiders to crawl the Web in pursuit of certain basic keywords. Maybe that's good excuse. But I don't see how it alone could explain away lines as bland as "Sprucing up the Place" or as vague as "DeLay Charge Stays Outs," both of which adorned the same page I clipped up above.